Kathie Lee and Hoda instantly fell in love with Conture during Bobbie’s Buzz on The TODAY Show in September. They said, “It’s a mini vacuum for your face – like tiny kisses.” Read more about the device they couldn’t put down. READ MORE
Freelance beauty writer Rachel Adler used Conture to combat her aging skin woes. “In all honesty,” she said, “I’ve never found a product that instantly brightens my skin the way this one does." READ MORE
TV Personality Gretta Monahan added Conture to People’s must-have list when she gushed about it in the magazine. “I started using it regularly … and a few weeks later my skin was firmer, smoother and the fine lines around my eyes had faded." READ MORE
Sydne Summer readily admits that she didn't take the best care of her skin in her younger years. Now, she's looking for easy, yet effective, methods to reverse the damage. "I just started trying [Conture], but even after a few treatments I already felt like my skin was brighter." READ MORE
Online magazine Beauty Style Watch declared Conture a necessity for red carpet-ready, celebrity-level skin. "Let's face it," the author said, "we crave radiant, youthful skin. I have personally used Conture myself last week for the first time and literally got compliments about how beautiful my skin was the following day!" READ MORE
Anastasia from Glamorable, a beauty and lifestyle blog, welcomed Conture to the beauty Olympus with open arms. "I've had my device for a week, but the positive changes were noticeable already after the very first treatment. This is truly an 'on-the-go' beauty tool perfectly adapted for a modern woman's busy life."? READ MORE
Mom Trends's own Nicole Feliciano raved about the ease and convenience of Conture. "The best anti-aging treatments for me can be done at home," she shared. With Conture, "I had excellent results; I saw a lot of elasticity improve in my neck area; the overall plumpness of my skin looked great."? READ MORE

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