Freelance beauty writer Rachel Adler used Conture to combat her aging skin woes. “In all honesty,” she said, “I’ve never found a product that instantly brightens my skin the way this one does." READ MORE
Realizing that many women neglect their necks in their skincare routine, writer Jolene Edgar suggests using Conture as an at-home gadget to “improve skin’s ability to absorb the actives in anti-aging products, to boost circulation and radiance, and to tighten skin for a noticeable reduction in sagging.” READ MORE
In an article devoted to treating the damage smoking does to skin, Dr. Dendy Engelman recommended Conture’s 3-Speed Kinetic Toning Device to readers so they can restore radiance to tired, aging skin. “It works by isometric compression to help tone the skin, like exercise for the face, neck and décolletage.” READ MORE
Conture was recently featured on Grace Gold’s “Fall Beauty” segment for Let’s Talk Live Washington DC, sharing snippets of fresh new skincare updates and products for fall. Conture Kinetic Skin Toning was featured as “what’s new in anti-aging technology,” as a quick, painless and non-invasive way to improve the appearance of aging skin. “It’s an investment, but for devices, it’s quite a bargain,” Gold says. READ MORE
Kathie Lee and Hoda instantly fell in love with Conture during Bobbie’s Buzz on The TODAY Show in September. They said, “It’s a mini vacuum for your face – like tiny kisses.” Read more about the device they couldn’t put down. READ MORE
In her review of electronic beauty devices, writer Danielle Guercio tried out Conture to increase circulation and build collagen. “Whenever I did it my face was really plumped after. The main benefit to using the tool is improvements in ‘radiance and luminosity,’ which I can certainly get behind.” READ MORE
Lifestyle Blogger Melissa is dedicated to her skin’s health, which is why she was thrilled to try Conture. “I’m loving the way my skin looks after just a few days of using the Conture Skin Toning System and coordinating Conture skincare. I already feel like my skin looks brighter after only a weekend of Conture treatments.” READ MORE
Los Angeles Blogger Atsuna put Conture to the test on her popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. “I have had two very noticeable deep wrinkle lines that have gotten worse over the years. The dark pigment that accompanied the two deep wrinkle lines on my neck has lightened after just 30 days of use.” READ MORE
Blogger Carolina turned to Conture to prevent signs of aging on her skin. “Until I tried it, I didn’t really understand how good it was for my skin. It totally feels like I’m making my skin exercise to help it stay active and young. And, the results are amazing.” READ MORE

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