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The Conture Kinetic Smooth Hair Remover & Skin Polisher removes facial hair and exfoliates to improve the surface of the skin revealing flawless and  youthful looking skin. The hair remover head utilizes the power of a dual-blade precision rotatory system to provide a close, comfortable shave anywhere unwanted hair grows. Use the polishing head for mild exfoliation to remove surface oils and impurities giving your skin a more polished and brighter look.


  • Two-blade precision rotary blades provide close, comfortable shave
  • No water or shaving cream needed
  • Safe, painless shave, every time
  • Can be used anywhere on the body, including face, underarms and bikini area


  • Mild polishing head provides gentle exfoliation of the skin
  • Rotates 360 degrees and adjusts to curves
  • Helps to eliminate build up and dead skin


According to participants in a three week consumer perception study using Conture Kinetic Smooth Hair Remover & Skin Polisher:

  • 100% agreed that Conture effectively removed hair
  • 97% agreed that Conture painlessly removed facial & body hair
  • 94% agreed that hair did not grow back thicker or darker
  • 90% agreed that Conture left their skin feeling smooth

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